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Contact: William Metcalf
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What Would Love Do Foundation Awards Be the Change Grants

Non-Profit Reaffirms Commitment to Support Individuals Building a Better World

Dayton, OH, USA (January 08, 2017) – The What Would Love Do Foundation (WWLDF) in partnership with multi-media company, What Would Love Do Int’l (WWLDI) announces it will award individuals Be the Change Grants up to $500 based on online written applications from its website, www.BetheChangeGrants.org.

The Be the Change Grant program seeks to support persons who currently are or would like to make a difference in the lives of others with sustainable service project affecting lasting and measurable change. What’s changed is that the Foundation has revised the Global Humanity Bill of Rights declaring basic Shelter, Food, Water, Healthcare, and Education as human rights. www.GlobalHumanityBillofRights.com

“We are on this planet to take care of one another, not exploit each other for profit. This should be priority one,” says project founder, Christine Horner. “Not everyone wants to run a non-profit. It’s time we recognize and support everyday heroes quietly making our world a beautiful one. By empowering the individual to ‘be the change’ at a grassroots level, we begin to level the playing field, creating a trickle-up economy so that others see the potential contained in their lives when we work together cooperatively rather than in competition.”

Monthly winner(s) are announced on a rolling basis. The grant amount and number of winners depend on the amount of grant money available from donations and self-funding. Winners are then given the opportunity to have their story published on social media and the WWLD Grassroots Global Community at www.AwakeningLeader.org for additional support.

Anyone may join the online global community free of charge. Community members are invited to share success stories, their expertise, and products and services to grow a borderless and open source cooperative community online.Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.